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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I KNOWWW but....

I know we (Bernard and I) talked about this... BUT.... I still wanna write about my new years resolution. Be it stubborn, be it I'm bimbotic. WHatever.... JUST NEED TO GET THIS OFF my mind and vent and rant, well more like I wanna share what I want. LOL. it's not quite a new years resolution but in a way it is.

1. I need a new camera! My camera died. *sobs* I dunno if I should go ahead and invest in a nice Nikon professional camera... or to buy another pretty one. maybe a pretty one, that way i can take lots of pictures still. I had a Casio, I think i want an Olympus. But maybe I should get a Canon since I have 2 1GB SD memory cards.

2. I would, reallly reallllly realllly like to go shopping. OMG, true enough. DAY 11 since my UK trip, I have this URGE to shop. I walked past the mall today (to get home) and there's a store that has buy 1 get 2 free. another store has 70% off!!! omgggggg.

*continues after Mikado with Doris, Kevin, Steve & Shu*

3. I want to stop using ALL of my credit cards. Well, not my primary credit card. I need to pay off my line of credit.. AND start saving up. My next vacation that I have in mind: Las Vegas for my 22nd birthday (so old... sobs) and Miri for the Christmas holidays! =)

4. I yes... need to drop few pounds. actually not a few. LIKE LOTS OF POUNDS. if not how to shopppppppp.

5. I should come up with a budget sheet and a studying sheet.

I'm taking 5 courses with 4 labs right now, which is pretty challenging. But it's kinda fun thinking that this would be my schedule once I'm in Optometry because it's pretty much like 8 courses a term.

anyways, Happy Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Years.

Day 11 since my UK trip:
I've gotten a cold. (snotty situation i say)
I've paid off my credit cards (whoopie~!)
I've paid off school tuition
I've bought all my books
I've scheduled myself for my work and studying.
I've met up with most of my friends (Shaw party...)

and I'm actually studying ALOT more this term. YAY!

Decided to post more pictures of Cardiff:

This was House of Fraser: something like Holt Renfrew, except they had sales =) that's where I got my beanie!
The awesome bus driver that pretty much answered ALL my questions... AND he even told us where to stop, where to go and where to wait for the bus to go back to the City. He deserves a raise! (on our way from Cardiff Castle to Coch Castle, we unfortunately didnt go to Caephilly Castle because we woke up late and hence started our exploration late) no regrets though, we went to Cardiff Bay at night and it was soooooooo pretty =)

The three of us in Cardiff Castle. SO PRETTY (the people and scenery, especially the middle person. muahahha)
Me on the guided tour, the phone pretty much tells us everything.

Cardiff Castle, so pretty.... this was where I broke my camera. guess it was memorable? LOL

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