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Thursday, January 22, 2009


it's been a SUCCCCCKY week.

Monday: missed Physics class (like usual), almost screwed up on my Chemistry lab, i was blur enough to titrate a base with base. freeeeeak. and then when i finished (10 minutes before the lab was closed), i forgot to enter my data into the computer!!! aduhhhh..

: Physics lab went by pretty well =) proud of that, but it finished so early that I went home... and went to bed. LOL. and ended up skipping my Chemistry lecture. and then I had to go back to school for my biology lab. blarrrrrhhh..then AT least the evening went well. studied in the library til late night, then went over to Jared and Kevin's place to get notes and my books from them.. but... went home, had a LOUD conversation with Doris because she gets all anal when i step inside the house with melting snow.. CAN I HELP IT??? aduh.

Wednesday: Because I skipped Chemistry the night before, thought of making it up by studying harder and later the night before.. slept at four... and.. I woke up at 11am. BOO. ended up skipping Physics class (not lab-correction) again. went to my other classes. Went to Organic chemistry class without answering my answer that i was assigned on monday. SAD. I wanted to impress my professor because he's writing my reference letter for grad school.. BUT. aduhh.. studied some more at school =) YAY! and got a ride home from Ronald, woohooo.. but then.. cooked so much at home that i was bloated. baaaaaaaaahhhh, I finished catching up with my biochemistry class, went through my notes for organic chemistry, did my pre-lab.. slept late... AND...

: Lab starts at 8am, i woke up at 8.35am. SHIT. I was panicking, and I was not panicking.. I even went through my wardrobe to pick out clothes to wear, I did my hair, I wore my pretty jacket. Then I was deciding, cab bus cab bus cab bus cab bus... but then I couldnt find cash. SHIT. (ps. I live less than 10 minutes away from school if i cab OR bus, same amount of time) so i took the bus. got to school, STILL went to my locker, put my things away.. in my head, i was just thinking.. should i lie and say i'm really sick.. or should i do this? or that... anyways, stood outside the lab for 5 seconds, went in.. saw my lab instructor.. and i was like : hi, i'm kiiiiinda late. LOL. and he was AWESOME. my new favourite instructor. LOL, i was pretty much 50 minutes late for the lab. THANK goodness I pre-read my lab and I knew what i was doing. I was panicking Jared was like : calm down Donna.. I needed just two boiling stones.. but i shook the bottle so hard that everything flew out. took the two boiling stones... and Jared cleaned up. THEN after the lab (everything went well, thanks to my good luck and the AWESOME Jared and Jason --> my instructor) I realised I didn't pack lunch/breakfast.. not that I ever do.. but I wanted to eat! so wasted money on yucky food at the cafeteria.. and FINISHED my lab =) then I reviewed my stuff for my chemistry class.. I skipped classes so much (only went to two so far) that I forgot which classroom I was in, and I sucked the quiz. OH GOD.

end of story.

. my order from Manchester arrived, BUT no one was at home to get it.. so now I have to go pick it up. GOD KNOWS WHERE. and i was charged another 27dollars for shipping AFTER paying 20 dollars. ARGH i hate paying money for nothing!!! Thank goodness Christine's gonna bring me there tomorrow... I'm gonna be late for work tomorrow too.

bad luck please go awaaaaAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I have an assignment due tomorrow (physics). gosh.

i love school.


connie said...

hahaha! i would say your week is an interesting one...hhhaha! for the chemistry part, blame it on Napisang...i really hate her a lot! hahha

when will u be graduating? the next time you are coming to liverpool, let me know...i might be able to cook some indian food for ya! hahhaha!

happy chinese new year!

d said...

wow you are a big fat skipper! Stop skipping!

and .. "LOUD conversation" bahahahaha...

Donna Bong said...

connie: LOL! graduating is a very very foreign context that would be related to me. I have 2 more years to go before I get a degree, and 4 more years to go after that to become an optometrist. (IF EVERYTHING GOES WELL). mmmmmmm, liverpool? well I'm planning to do another eurotrip in 3 years. so hopefully you'll still be there! lols.