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Friday, May 29, 2009

My random update =)

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(little Brother, Doris and I at Marina Bay)


(Song, Hao, Me n Casper)


(My morning breakfast.. oh so good,... I finished it all) LOL

May 29, 2009 Friday

Been a good girl today, for the first time since I came back… I FINALLY WENT JOGGING with mum. HAHAHAH, I met my aunt there, did two rounds of just walking and a round running. I think I actually have better stamina from all that grocery shopping and ‘running after the bus’ sprints.

Then we went to a coffee shop nearby sri maju(this tuition/extra classes school that I went to), sri mawar(my first school that taught me malay), and dato permaisuri(my high school) (aka. piasau area). They had pretty good kolok mee… mmmm. I only managed to take a picture of the finished bowl. HAHAHAHA.

Doris, Mum and I went for a shampoo blowdry today, mum and I got our hair treatment done as well. I met Gertrude at the salon and it was pretty odd to bump into her there. When we were done, it was time to pick little Brother up. It was the last day of school for him and he just finished his term exam so he was SO SUPER HAPPY. We went for lunch at 2020, saw Shak Choon there =) Then Mum went back to her shop and Doris, little Brother and I went home and I slept til… was time to hit the BEACH!!!! WOOT WOOT!

We headed back downtown.. I picked my friends up (btw, my driving skills are getting better.. Back to the way it was. HAHAHAHA) and we went for ais kacang. (It’s some kinda snack ppl have here, like a slushie, but BETTER!) Mum didn’t… actually Mum REFUSED to go to the beach because she didn’t want to tan at all.. So I went with my friends and we took some preeeetty nice pictures there.

We left around 7pm.. After the sunset and all, and then we found this open fire near Sri Maju and it was near a transformer.

I thought it was better for me to call them so that they would put the fire off OR ELSE the fire would get to the transformer and an explosion could possibly happen.I had to call some landline..
Not 911 or 991 or 999. Some 085 433 222
Me (M): Hello?
Cops (C): (Something along the line on how may I help you)
M: There’s a fire occurring near a transformer around the area Sri Maju, would you be able to look at it?
C: Hah? Apa? I don’t speak English-lah.M: Hmph, ada kebakaran yang sedang berlaku dan dia sangat dekat dengan transformer, boleh tengok kah?
C: Oh, kamu telifon nombor ini: 433 730
[Oh, call this number: 433 730]
M: Huh? Okay bye.

Calls the other number 433730

M: (repeats the same thing)
C: oh…. Dekat mana? Mana itu?
[Oh, Where’s it at? Where is that?]
M: dekat Sri Maju, di shophouse sana, belakang Sri Maju ada transformer, ada orang bakar barang di sana dan dia bahaya. Boleh tengok kah?
[near Sri Maju, near the shophouses, there’s a transformere behind Sri Maju and someone left someone burning there and its dangerous. Can you take a look at it?]
C: Okay, Okay Saya tengok dulu. Apa nama dan nombor anda?
[ Okay, okay I’ll take a look at it. Whats your name and number?]
M: (gives all that)Hangs up.

Ten minutes later, I get a call from a cell phone.

C: Hai, Saya polis.[Hi, I’m the police]
M: Okay, do you need help?
C: Di mana kebakaran itu? Api itu kuat kah?
[Where is the fire again? Is it strong?]
M: (repeats the whole thing…) and yes it is strong, I have pictures of it that I can send to the papers and they can publish it so you can see it tomorrow if you want.
C: Okay okay, Saya panggil ahli bomba dan saya pergi sekarang.
[Okay okay, I’ll call the fire fighters and I’ll go now]
M. Kay, Bye.

OMG. How ridiculous.

They are the least reliable people to call. I don’t even understand why we’re supposed to call a landline when it’s an emergency. Don’t they have a switchboard?

And Malaysia, hire some English speaking operators. Do you not expect foreigners to call and be concerned about things that you guys aren’t concerned about? Do you not expect people who don’t speak JUST MALAY to call? OMG.

I’m just utterly disturbed. HAHAHAH. Yeah I seriously am.

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