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Friday, May 15, 2009

Tuxedo'ed cuties.

I'd update my Asia trip... BUT I don't have my laptop with me at the moment.

But here's some funny stuff that I've come across so far:

Why is a penguin black but white on it's tummy?
My Answer: Because it tans on its tummy
Real Answer: Because the penguin has short hands.. and it can only clean its tummy.


Things I do in Kuala Lumpur:
1. Wake up at noon
2. Eat at any given opportunity (ALL THE TIME)
3. Talk non-stop
4. Stupid pictures.

The malls here are pretty awesome.. I'm loving the weather.. but not the humidity.. it makes me sticky all over. I have to shower loads here. UGH.

I just sent a postcard back to my workplace.. so hopefully you guys will get it soon.


(It's my birthday weekend and we're going to Genting tomorrow, I am super blessed to have my close friends to celebrate my birthday with me. Hopefully it'll be loads of fun.)

I'm looking forward to be home in Miri so I can see my family. I'm missing my little brother and he's definately one expensive little brother. HAHAHHA

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