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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hong Kong Updates.

Project 365: Day 5, April 30 2009
Samantha driving Doris and I to the airport. We're actually leaving Canada to go home. awww.. and I decided to make this part of Project 365 since Sam is playing a HUGE role, she has the keys to my apartment. LOL

Reached Hong Kong, in our coach to our hotel... it was just Doris and I in the whole coach.. prettttty awesome.

The Harbour Tunnel... WOOO WOOOOO~~ T

Project 365: Day 6, May 1 2009
Shortest May 1st ever... slept and slept and slept so much on the plane.. by the time we reached it was technically already 6.55pm May 1st... so.......... yeah lost a day.. then went to the hotel, slept some more.. when Tony got here we went out and found this place called Toi. pretty awesome.
The store display was pretty attractive.

Tony picking out what to eat.

We did some walking around the neighbourhood in Causeway bay.. kinda ended up in the next area... i think it's wan chai.. but yeah we were quite the walkers.

Project 365: Day 7, May 2 2009
Us in the streets of Hong Kong.. we did so much more that day.. but I will post that some other day.

Project 365: Day 8, May 3 2009
Modern Toilet =) Yeahh.. I've reached my main purpose of coming to Hong Kong.. NOT!! But this was one of my goals. hahahah~

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