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Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu.

Doris and I have reached Hong Kong safely... checked into our hotel, and fell asleep til Tony called us from the airport.. then we went out for a walk and had a rice pizza (weird hey!) and I had a mango sundae.

We walked around town and saw Metropark Hotel (<-- click it click it!!) with people like the picture above, that was one of our choices before we decided to book our stay with Cosmopolitan Hotel... and yeah.. first outbreak in Asia in HK!

Don't worry guys we're fine. Just thought I'd post this so you guys could read it too.

April 30th our time (Canada Time):
Sam slept over, and sent us to the airport.. had breakfast at Timmy's and we saw people wearing masks in the airport. I pulled an all nighter packing because I've been procrastinating.
Anyways, once we got on the plane... I slept like MAD. was only up for food, and pretty much was sleeping for the rest of the time. During our 12 hour and some minutes... I stayed up, watched half of Bolt, watched half of Twilight (really good movie I wanna finish watching it) and watched the whole of Slumdog Millionaire! Realllly good, definately recommend it.

May 1st (HK Time):
Got to the airport.. had some health declarations, took our coach to the hotel... and it was awesome. It was just Doris and me in the entire bus!!!! But we're such losers we ended up sitting on the front row together. so it was pretty much like a normal car ride again. hahahaha

anyways.. will definately post more pictures up... I'm in the lobby now and I didn't bring my camera down with me.

I LOVE HONG KONG! lols~ we're heading to Mongkok and Jordan Street tomorrow... there's more places that we're planning to go too.


Alison Ong said...

u two gotta be careful huh.. go n get a mask!! take care ya

Donna Bong said...

we did... but we havent been wearing it. ITS SO OMG HOT~~~~~~~~

I had a BAD bloody nose yesterday, like we were shopping in Mongkok, I sneezed and blood just came oozing out~! ADUI.. can't wait to shop more though!