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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Updates from the HK Airport.

It's June 22... and it will remain June 22 for the longest time in my own history. HAHAHA, I'm at the HK Airport right now... 7.46am... will be boarding at 9.50am and my flight will leave to Edmonton at 12.50pm. and when I reach Edmonton, it will still be June 22... and that's 17 hours later, it'll only be 4.20pm. HOW am I gonna adjust to the super long daylight?? I think I'm gonna get a badddd jetlag.

Doris and I slept over at the airport's lounge-hotel thing last night.. we paid 980HKD for 6 hours of the room.. it was well worth it though. a little small but SUPER comfy =) the people who work here are super friendly too.

I will post more stories and pictures about my Asia trip when I'm back in Edmonton.. LOTS of food pictures!

I miss family. I miss friends. =(


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