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Thursday, June 25, 2009


both Doris and I are super jetlagged. ommmmg.

we got home around 4.30pm...

unpacked, met up with Samantha and Kevin after Aunt Cindy sent us home.
I showered and slept at 7pm....and woke up the next day at 2pm.

blarrh.. then I tidied up the apartment for the rest of the day.. played typing maniac and restaurant city. (i need to catch up.. im sooo behind)

went to bed at 5.30am... and woke up around 1pm ish.. went out with Aunt Cindy to Lenscrafters. (she got her glasses adjusted and I got my schedule-I start this Sunday)
then I went to Debbie's house and we went to Original Joe's with Cindy.
Went back to her house to play wii.. then she sent me home...
Slept at 6am this morning... and woke up just around 3.30pm.

(OJ's Carolina pulled pork sandwich with ceaser salad and sweet potato fries with dill dip)

(OJ's ceaser salad and fries with gravy and some burger.. it was debbie's. hahaha)

OMG.. my sleeping pattern is soooo messed up.
(Me, Cindy, Debbie)

I registered for summer school, banked in all the money, and am trying to get everything else done in time so once school starts I won't have anything else to do.

Been cleaning out my closet last night... and I bought a little too much. Guess all I have to do is lose weight so I can fit back into clothes that I bought. HAHAHAHA =)

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