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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

note my day. BOO

quick update.

June 3 2009

slept in til 11.30am..
spent the WHOLE day at home.. Doris watching her movie, me reading Eclipse, and the kids doing whatever.
drove out in the afternoon..... bought the more slushie drinks cos it was bloody hot out.. and then BAM. my car accident :(

yeah... i was careless enough to not watch what I was doing.. I was reversing and I heard a car honking.. but I didn't know it was actually honking me. then BAM I hit right into the car. Bum on bum.
thank god my parents aren't mad.. but there's some damage to both cars. the other driver was really nice we'll fix her car FOR SURE once my daddy is back (tomorrow night) and yeah.. i'm gonna live the rest of my holiday without driving. SOBS. sam I miss you. I rather get a speeding ticket then an accident.
spent the rest of my day at home, finished eclipse.. now I'm gonna wait til I get my hands on the next book. MUAHAHHAHAHA.

had CRABS for dinner today.. and I cut my finger while eating that. yah talk about being careless.
I miss Edmonton... not the place. but my friends. =) and my girl friends left my hometown for school... so I'm kindaaaa lonely. thank god for family.

I need MAGNIFYING GLASSES and Glasses that help with side views. ARGH.

on the good side of the note: daddy's back tomorrow night! YAY to that! more parties!!!!

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