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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thinking about My Commitments.

wow.. never did I ever try to sit down and think about what I have involved myself with.

not to make it such an evil thing, i'm just thinking about how much my tuition is gonna cost me.. just to get a degree... hopefully.

i'm planning on taking dental hygiene as my first choice, so i'll be doing a year of general science with all the subjects they need me to do, then if i get it.. i'll do another 3 years for diploma and 1 more year for my degree if all goes well..

went to look at the prices:
1st year (General Sciences) - $6000.00
Year 1 (Dental Hygiene) - $5,591.20
Year 2 (Dental Hygiene) - $8,965.20
Year 3 (Dental Hygiene) - $8,097.60
Year 4 (Dental Hygiene) - $5,784.00

whew! thats alot of money.. and that's just the cost for 2007-2008, who knows if its gonna go up or down when its my year to study it.

thats like near RM100 000 to complete the whole thing, or maybe it is.. thats more than an engineering course in Curtin that I should of done. But no regrets, i'm liking the route that I will be going through.. I am gonna make sure that I make it. I want to make it. :)

I mesti cuba, I mesti dapat. :)

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