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Sunday, July 15, 2007


so.. Doris and I have decided to move out.

1. to have our own space
2. to have more responsibilities
3. to decorate the place
4. to have fun being so far away from home
5. to be close to SHAW conference (lols... yeah rite)
6. to be in the CITY
7. to be close to school
8. to be close to all the entertainment
9. to grow our sister bond :) <3
10. to cook, clean, work, study, and have more places to visit (now we can visit aunt nelly too!)

sO.. we went furniture shopping, more like IKEA shopping, we browsed the magazine.. browsed the website.. and now we're gonna go there to pick out what we like and NEED and what we can afford.

The place we're moving to isn't too big, so we won't be needing so much furniture.

and help us choose out some stuff.. thats affordable and usable. lols~
you'll see the EXPEDIT bookshelf, i want it black-brown.. there's two sizes that are good..

one is a 149cm x 149cm ($169), one is a 185cm x 185cm($249)

we'll see which one we like more.. and DARN :( (heart crashes to million pieces)

i saw this really nice bed AND I THOUGHT it was the best catch cos it was a mattress and the bedframe for just $300. Now that I went back to look at it, its just for the bedframe.. which is another $200 for my mattress.. or $400.. sobs sobs.

well so far thats the only thing I like. and oh yeah.. the bed!

If we put two beds together, they become a long lounging place.. for us~ then at night it'll turn to beds. But since it's so expensive now.. I'll have to think about other alternatives.

Its a Sunday.. a very boring Sunday for me, woke up late, went online, no one was online.. then waited for everyone to come back from church. Doris and I then went to Wal-Mart, and she took 20 minutes under the scorching sun looking for a 'lost' gift card.. it was actually still at home.. aiyaiyai.. my sister is turning OLD.

Then we went to watch the street performance. Unfortunately there was no performances going on. I watched it during my lunch break a week ago.. it was sooo funny!

This entertainer named Mario had two volunteers from the crowd. He rode a unicycle with the girl on her. Then he taught that girl a funny dance to distract ppl everytime he dropped a pin when he was juggling. That lady was amazing.. she did it very very well. Then to thank that lady, he had her sit on his luggage and he was singing this love song to her. That lady's so-called-bf came out from the crowds and stopped the whole thing!

Mario and that guy then got into the battle.. where they had to take three steps from each other and they each aimed their weapons at each other! It was sooo funny cos their weapons were bananas! Then they were pointing it at each other and they had this really funny song going on the background.. The started turning in a circle and slowly peeled their bananas, then they bit part by part and spat it out as bullets! haha~~ the whole crowd was just laughing.. lols~

Then Mario 'died', that guy had to sing this Queen song saying he killed a person and he's sorry to his mama.. lols~ the whole show was fabbbulous. wanted to blog bout this then but i'm just a procrastinator.. which promised to never procrastinate.. :D

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