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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the workaholic me.

i am a workaholic.

a workacoholic i am.

imagine this:

tuesdays to saturdays, i work in eveline charles academy from 8.15am to 5.15pm

and once in a while i take my server shifts in shaw conference.

BUT starting:

july 18, wed:
EvelineCharles Academy from 815am to 515pm
ShawConference to work from 530pm til whenever they need me so it'll probably be 1am.

July 19,thurs:
EvelineCharles Academy
CAPITAL EX!! 530pm til midnight.

July 20, fri:
EvelineCharles Academy
Capital EX.

July 21, sat:
EvelineCharles Academy
Capital EX.

July 22, sun:
Capital EX.. and more of Capital EX. i might just stay there all day til my shift and take rides and all while hanging around there :) life is sweet~

July 23, mon:
Capital EX.

July 24, tues:
EvelineCharles Academy
Capital EX

July 25, wed:
EvelineCharles Academy
Capital EX

July 26, thurs:
EvelineCharles Academy
Capital EX

July 27, fri:
EvelineCharles Academy
Capital EX

July 28, sat:
EvelineCharles Academy
Shaw Conference (ps: my first bar shift!)

and then..


its a great weekend.
its gonna be a great weekend.

an amazingly crazy one..

i miss little Daven.
i hope he misses me.

he better be good.
or i wont get him anything.

so.. we gotta start packing our stuffs cos we wont have time to.. and we gotta get the designer scheduled to help us out on our design with the studio.

and.. we need to get all the ikea furniture settled.
and.. we need to get our butts moving to the new place!

i need to get more swimsuits:)


Alison said...

wat r u doing in shaw n capital? wat place la.........

Mingming said...

thank goodness for this post..or else i would have called the cops tonight....everyone is worried..u didnt tell us u were working late tonight.

Alison said...

wat happen to u two............ ur sis dun even know where r u!!

Joanna said...

OMG you are a workaholic!!!!! Good luck with keeping up with all those shifts!

Donna Bong said...

i actually din complete all shifts..

i din work my morning shift today cos i had a bad headache, im not working tmr at night cos its grad!! :)