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Monday, December 10, 2007

Fall 2007

the christmas that's coming!!!

my fall 2007 is going to be officially over tomorrow at 4pm... right after my hardcore chemistry paper. ooo boy~

i know i should be studying now but i'm just mad with all the questions. taking my 3 hour break from studying now. lols~

had a great term and i met loads of fun friends.

Chelsey - my Bio lab partner: we practically break stuff every lab, my Chem lab partner and my Bio lecture partner. she's one smart blondie that you wont wanna mess with :D

Carter - the emotionless guy thats soooo smart. yikes! mr. smarty pants thats turning 18 soon.. finally. lols~ i'm lucky to have him and Chelsey around at all times. the two people i can call on and just start yakking. though he is soooooooooooooo annoyed of me :p

Courtney - my Econ buddy and my chem buddy too.. it's crazy how i met close friends that names start with 'C'. its a thing... hmm..

Marijana - crazy hippie: my Chem Partner.. man the class won't be the same without her.. love this crazy lady.. lols~ gotta go to her fav I-Ho some day and hang out there.. lols. watch everyone get drunk but me.

Dave - aw.. the chef, met him in the cafeteria then found out that we actually have ALMOST every spare at the same time. didn't spend much time with him.. but everytime we do.. it's crazy. we never end up having any studying done. boooo~

Chas - guy that never comes to class, and if he does, he wont be taking any notes or he'd be on Facebook.. writing notes into my wall. hmph. smartie.

Travis - my Econ buddy as well. man he's mr blurr guy. always enjoyed having him and my adorable lecturer in the class. :D

Jessica - my English buddy and Econ buddy.. i'm pretty sure i'm gonna see her still cos English is throughout the ENTIRE year. yay~~ *yawns* (i'm yawning cos of my English class, not because of her. lols~ she's a sweetie)

There's Yoshi that i'm pretty sure i'd see even after the term since we work together.. umm Doris's friends.. Jane, Jedith, Kevin, Jared, David... yay~ lols!

There's Kristina, Nicole, Amy, Will, David, Kelsey, Andrew, Curtis... lols.. the list goes on. :p
well, i'm pretty happy with all the new friends i made and met this term.

looking at the little list that i made.. i AM pretty happy with the amount of fun friends i made. I don't need 1000 friends to keep the world spinning.Quality friends work best :D

lols~ i know they're glad i'm not in their classes anymore.. the end of Donna and her annoyingness.. lols~ wait, there's still Facebook! hahahaha~
(i know BoonBoon is rolling her eyes now.. i know it i know it :p)

looking forward to a warm christmas.. some snowboarding with Henry *if it turns out this time*, a good income making month :D, and a great WINTER 2008 term!!!
(the smile on my face)

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