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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Our Daily Bread.

Just thought that i would post up what we purchased the OTHER day.. when we went to chinatown. i found the essence of chicken! buy 6 get a free plate also.. lols~

then we have a bunch of instant noodles. doris' so-called herbal noodles. stinks the whole room with herb smells. hahah~ there's pasta.. there's japanese rice.. there's normal white rice in the white plastic bag (got it from auntie magie SINCE we moved in. hahaha) and there's more instant noodles in the green freshkon bag (EOG.. ehem ehem)
i don't know why we bought soya milk.. but its not good. er.. yeah.. not AS good. there's herbs.. we still have it.. we're supposed to make good nutritious chicken soup.... obviously no one has done that yet.. more sauces are in the fridge.. salad sauce, marinade sauce, jams, butter, mayonnaise, pasta sauce. lols... anything to make the food taste better.
fresh fruits! yeeeea~ lols.. tomatoes... carrots.. cabbage.. and avocado (darn i dunno how to open or cut one.. i bought it to make sushi... made sushi without avocado in the end cos its so hard to cut open. does anyone know how?)

yeah.. well.. the food lasted us.. for bout.. umm.. im not sure.. but we still have loads of them in the fridge. we NEED to start cooking actively. lols

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