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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I miss Miri.

YAY! i finished my Fall 2007 term.

i'm really happy, walked home with a grin on my face :D

this really nice guy sat next to me during my finals, and I'm happy that he left like at the end of the exam when I was about to finish too so I didn't freak out... Sorry man i kept shaking the table and kicking the table. lols~ i know u'd wanna choke me. oh well. just pray u wont see me next term.

and so Right after my finals. here I am. doing nothing. oh my god i'm so bored!
i wanna go home. Carter gets to go home, Deki is home, dang....

Roti Canai.
Kolok Mee + Kicap + Chilli
Roti canai.

. . . omg. what's wrong with me? i can only think about the 3 dishes. i'm losing it!!!!! ahhhh!!!!!

i miss home. miss my car. miss my cars. miss my car. miss beebee. miss beezai (RIP), miss little Daven. miss mommy. miss daddy. miss cousins (the cool ones). miss auntie. miss uncle. miss my car. miss my sofa. miss my tv. miss my remote control. miss the cash i had in hand. miss my painted hp. miss my friends. miss the swimming pool. miss the traffic jam. miss the 8 hours daylight. miss the weather. miss the rain. miss 2020. miss senadin coffee shop. miss driving to lutong. miss reverse parking. miss sleeping in class. miss getting my hair done. i miss being the one in miri. i miss seeing my friends back. i miss so much stuff. i wanna go home...



Alison said...

i think u miss ur CAR!! hahaha.. wat do u mean 'miss cousin(cool one)' hahaha

Donna Bong said...

miss you la... ure the cool one ma.. lols

affilla said...

miss Miri?....Or miss science class in Form 1L...with Cikgu Ling Nyuk moi...miss u lots...