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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Way I Spent My Money *grins*

and so i came home one day... (1st day of after-exams) with two heavy bags... containing everything that i always wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm sooo happy!

since i promised to post the things i bought.. here yaaa go! i got good deals okay? *laughs* mango sugar scrub~ for my after pedicure-d feet :)
MY IPOD!!! iPod classic - 160GB. silver - it's a little too big for me (the amount it can hold) ... but i like the size and the weight of it.
my Casio digicam - its metallic pink... and i dunno why i didn't take a picture of it on its own.. but its pink :) *loves* and the best part is i can take 10.00 minutes video in YouTube format so i can post it all up. Doris will get to become the next esmeedenters :)
and so the salesperson told me i needed to spend another 150 to get my 12 months interest free card. so i bought some more stuff. this lightscribe cd is perfect... i can make cool albums... one day? :P
a mouse for me.. so i won't take the one doris has... its easier to scroll and click then dragging my fingertip on the mouse-piece on my laptop. especially if im eating.

i bought a 1GB memory card for my camera... it was on sale! *yay* and a screen protector that comes in 4 pieces but i think i wont be using it anymore cos i fumbled with the first perfect piece and it didn't turn out right. i don't think i know how to cut rectangles properly. argh im sooo angry! i have 3 more chances though!
and THIS!!! is the sweeeeetest phone ever! its just 7 bucks! its metallic blue... and it has a sunflower on it~! heheh~ its for our suite... now u can press 280 and buzz us! instead of us going all the way down to open the door. hahaha
this is one retarded thing that i bought. i INITIALLY thought it was cool to have a headset with a mic and to even switch colors on the headset. retarded... gonna return that and get an ipod case instead because i scratched my ipod on the second day and there's fingerprints all over it. dang!
before i left the mall.. i checked out the gift store.. thought of getting some new animals to add it to my collection.. so i got a monkey :)

and a hippo (angie *loves*)
and prior to all those purchases... i went to my favourite shop.. and i found the best bargains ever! my bags are just 5 bucks each... :) *lihai leh*

its silly to have two same bags.. but different colors.. i can use it for different occasions with different clothes rite? :)

bought bags... bought some shoes to go with it too! :D (20 bucks each.... where to FIND!!!)

some silver and some gold...
lols~ yeahh.. i was proud.. and happy... and tired too.. THS the bad eye bags.. the pimple outbreak.. but yeahh.. it was a great day!
and i stopped at the last shop and found the two things Doris and I needed ever since we moved into our place... picture hangers! *hahahahahha* 87 cents each.. contains 10 hooks and nails. sweeeet~ lols~ YEAH.... and so the whole thing totaled up to more than 1000.. but i did work 6 hours that day.. thats 60 dollars of income :) muahahahha..

i love holidays! *merry christmas!!!!!!!*


Boon Boon said...

Lols~! You're worry to fall sick aint you? I miss shopping with you..Itc Christmas soon..Glad you pampered yourself so well..I almost faint seeing the bags and shoes..Lols..Merry Christmas and I miss you ~!

Alison said...

A lot a lot a lot of things!!!!! U really enjoy ya! Hahaha.. Merry Xmas! miss you *-*

linzhi said...

donna u crazy girl!! hahaha, all that stufff!!!!! :D

Donna Bong said...

lols~ it was worth it~~

debbie said...

omgg bong. i never understand why you get the same thing in different colors!! you are nuts! gees woman

ps. i like your camera!! haha

Flying_Ukui said...

i guess i never will understand girls n their craze for handbags o__o