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Monday, February 23, 2009

My Life.


My laziest day ever. I skipped ALL classes today. I'm still on my holiday mode. OMG. midterms next week. Donna needs to study. I deleted Facebook off my easily accessible tab, and YouTube as well. I wonder how long my determination will go for.

I need to stay away from distractions. I'm a distraction. How do I stay away from myself? I'm losing it. why so lazy?

懒惰到。。。。 没得救啦!!!




Buckle me up Donna Bong. I need to stay away from Youtube and Facebook. At least til my midterms are done.


connie said...

you can do it! but at least allow yourself an hour to do what you would like to wont do you any good if u pushed yourself too hard...

for me, i study when i have the mood...and it really gets into the head that point forcing myself to study when my heart is not at it...

maybe it'll apply to you it's all up to you to decide on what you think is the best for yourself..

Donna Bong said...

aw... u know BECAUSE of ur comment, i was like.. yeah no harm turning on the music. lols, so youtuuuube all the way. had it on for almost 4 hours dy. hahaha, at least i managed to focus with it on the first hour, but not anymore. guess teh 1 hour thing does work. gotta control myself. boo

Tracy said...

Hey Donna!
woohoo, now i have more reading materials too! Good luck with your studying!!!! and i hope you'll be able to stay away from youtube and facebook, and all the other distractions! =)

connie said...

hahhaha! I wish you best of luck for the exam and the WILLPOWER to stop yourself from over-relaxing..hahhaha!