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Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Update.

Thought I'd post some pictures of my room, taken with my brand new camera. It's CANON this time =)
view of my room for the living room, so pretty ain't it? ps. don't you just LOVE my blanket?

side view of my bed, more or less like a day bed. i'm usually sleeping on the floor (aka carpet) which i try not to anymore, i have my laptop on the little table that i bought from our neighbour for just 5 dollars!!!

and my sesame street fans. LOL. elmo and cookie monster. they just love me. HAHAHA, k fine i'm their fan. and there's my pink bear and my pink baby giraffe.

and my new hair color. woot woot~
I did my color myself.... at midnight.... a night prior to my biochemistry midterm. AHHAAHHAHA. talk about procrastination.

K i SERIOUSLY perlu balik ke buku saya atau saya akan mengagalkan subjek esok. sebab saya tidak pergi ke kelas. sebab guru saya bodoh. dia tidak bodoh sebab dia ialah phd holder, tetapi dia amat perlahan and quiet and soft di kelas saya tidak tahan kelahanan dia. lols. i dont even know if these word exists. ANYWAYS>>>>>>>>> back to the BOOKS!

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connie said...

hahhaha! i LOVE your room! it's nicely decorate~ reflects a lot about the owner~ modern yet cute~

do u plan to speak BM when u go back? hahhaha!