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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am going back to Malaysia this Summer... and DORIS IS COMING TOO!
it's gonna be WICKED (lol british accent)

Debbie's gonna be in Malaysia still, we'll have sooo much fun.

So I'm leaving Edmonton April 30, I'll be in HK May 1st and we're meeting up Tony that's flying to HK from Singapore. We'll be there til May 6th and head to KL from HK on the 6th, stay a night a arrive Miri May 7th around 5.15ish.
Then I've booked my tickets from Miri to KL and back, I'm leaving Miri May 11th at night, and i'll be spending my birthday in KL, then I'll be going back to Miri with the three girls, Song Shirley and Sze (funny how the names always come together, I should start calling myself Seehui) on May 18th. And that would be the end.... NOT

I'm just thinking bout if I should make another trip back to KL while I'm in Miri, could get more shopping done and more touristy things done. I mean.. I've never been around West Malaysia yet. maybe I should explore a little more.. maybe I should rent a car. AHAHAH

I'm also thinking about ways to get some money from our apartment while we're gone.. that's two months with no one staying here... thats 600dollars! that's aloooooooot of money. Should I rent it out? what if they break my things? argh, so many things to consider.

anyways, tickets booked. See you guys sooon!

PS: I love Lee Hom, I sooooooooooo love Lee Hom. Why is he so awesome? SIGH <3

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