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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Wishes. (MY BF)

Introducing: My Boyfriend aka My BestFriend.
Age: 22
LOL!!! somehow I think its super funny to write that. hahahha, cos I talked to song song about this before. yeah.. and we laughed. hahahaha

Annette's wall: 22 on the 22! (makes sense hey??)


He's definately single. and so am I. So yes, don't wanna ruin his love life. He'll never to treat me in the future (when he becomes a doctor) haha.

It's my one and only.. pretty boy~ We love you soooooo much. (Shir, Song, Sze, Garry, Pei, Casper, Ting Ting and Me)

These pictures are soo old, I found them all in my laptop and they were all taken MORE than 2 years ago. SOBs. I'll be back soon though!

Our Mr. Patient, Our Mr. Never-Angry-G00d-Guy. Remember your 20th birthday cake? LOL. This unfortunately does not top this year's pudding Shirley and Song made for you. LOL.

I came across this picture. and I laffed. LAUGHED. L A U G H E D. LOL! toooo funny!

Him and his vain moments. At times, I wonder if he's the girl and we're the guys.

I hope I didn't curse you into wearing glasses. I know you wear glasses now. Nvm, next time get glasses from me. =) I'll do the checkups too <3

Chung enjoying his drink, like any other normal person. just that he does it with a teeeeny weeeeny bit more expression. LOL.


US. (Where did my chin gooo?)

and US. (man we're so good looking)

US. *drools*

*drools* LOL

Man, we've been friends for so long.. that we're becoming twins. We think alike, and we're so smart. HAHAHAH, yes barf all you want. OKAYlahhh, I wanna be as smart as him. I just want that determination that you have. gimme gimme gimme gimmeee!!

I hope your birthday wish this year comes true =)

ps: chungzie I hope you appreciate the cute pictures I posted. LOL. especially this one:

ps I counted: It's been... 12 years. OMG.

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