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Monday, March 23, 2009

lock or unlock

i decided to lock my blog up. because nothing interesting is going on in my life.

then i thought:

I'm going to Beyonce's concert this week. (Thursday)
I'm going to Leanne's 22nd Birthday Bash this week. (Saturday)

Life can't be that bad AFTERALL =)

ps: Finals season started. So praaaaaaaaaaaay for me. I need to do good in my exams.
But yes, if you tried logging in to my blog and couldn't get in. that was cos I thought my life was done and over.

I deactivated Facebook. and I deactivated Friendster(about time since I never use it anymore). and I'm thinking about deactivating more stuff. Maybe I shouldn't so much time online. It doesnt benefit me at all. BUT friends, I'm not going to deactivate MSN. I need some of your msn addies, as I don't have everybody.


ps: was in school today and in the middle of our Physics class, the fire alarm went off. **** everyone had to evacuate out the school and it was SO BLOODY cold outside, at least there was the sun. the Two guys I hang out with in class were smokers... so I stood next to smokers, and everyone grouped up everywhere else because they were 'allergic' to smoke. yeah right, way to make smokers feel bad. they're awesome as friends though. smoking? not so awesome. but i respect their choices.

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