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Friday, March 6, 2009


Alright friends, I've bought all my tickets and so everything is now confirmed (return ticket as well, because I was lacking the last miri to kl ticket to connect everything)

so just a review(for my own keepsake) and since friends like CASPER can also forget even though we're online like:
A L L T H E T I M E ! ! ! !

April 30: Edmonton to Hong Kong, Reach May 1st.
(we're meeting up with Tony and we should perhaps plan out places to go!)

May 6: Hong Kong to KL, Reach May 7th
(Tony goes back to Singapore, catches his flight to Korea then back to Edmonton, and we, START OUR HOLIDAYS IN MALAYSIA =) )

May 7: KL to Miri
(I'm meeting up with Debbie, our godsister and we're flying back to Miri together)

May 11: Drive Debbie back to Brunei, then head to KL (reach KL at night)

May 18: KL to Miri
(same flight as Shirley, Song, and Sze... mark this date mark this date. HISTORY you know)

then pretty much I'll be in miri the whole time, getting all the needed documents done, hang out with the mum, the little brother, the little cousins, the aunties and uncles, the grandma and grandpa, the friends, and probably I'll drive to Brunei to look for the Bong relatives. =)

June 17: Miri to KL
(with my mum, bro and Doris. Dad's gonna be somewhere in Malaysia so he'll meet us up. KONONnya he's gonna be in Terengganu. I doubt it, dad will be in Miri. LOL)
ps: we're leaving Miri for good and will be back.... perhaps when the next passport expires?

June 21: KL to HK
(then we'll be in the HK airport, slacking, being bored, ranting, sleeping, going through pictures, sobbing, missing home)

June 22: HK back to Edmonton.
(and life back in Edmonton will start all over again)

I will be working every single day, like 7 days a week, 1pm - 9pm at Lenscrafters, that's for when I'm back. (already have that set up with my managers) I'll probably look for another job, a job at the optometrists office, AND
I'll be taking summer school, so probably just one course so that I can really do well in it.

I'll be broke as hell, but the trip will be worth it.
ps: We were going to be paying the full amount of our rent for the duration that we're gone... but i think, i THINK my friend might rent it. LOL. so super excited. If she does then that's money into savings!!!

Some thoughts I pondered on while I was walking home after 12++ hours in school, classes and assignments... all that (I was walking when the chilly wind was blowing on my face, I could feel my face cracking cos it was so cold, and I wore the wrong shoes-my sneakers not UGGs, trying to walk straight, not slip with the ice and snow all binded together, missing the light to cross the street, needed to walk further so I could get to the zebra crossing and cross, then realised it was show-and-tell day in our apartment for all artists, designers, musicians.. and me and Doris weren't in any categories, so prayed as hard that I wouldn't be seeing them on our floor so I wouldn't have to give that awkward smile and close the door behind them not letting them in not because we don't like them but because we have no arts to show them:

This time last year,
everything was the same. snow, school and me.
This time this year,
everything is still the same. snow school and me.

Then, what next?
yeah, I have no idea.

no new progress, no new determination.

Donna Bong Donna Bong *shakes head like Boon Boon*

I'm at this age, yet I don't act like this age. I'm this far away to Optometry, yet I'm not determined enough. OH GOD.

PS: March 12 2009: My TWO whole years in Canada. No Jokes. OMG.

I've looked at pictures, tried to find some of the same pictures.. and realised that places I went last year and places I went last last year and places I now go, are totally different. I made alot more in 2008 than I did in 2007. (was doing my taxes) But I spent ALOT more than what I spent in 2007. HAIH. Donna needs to learn. It's 2009. And I'm blowing money off like crazy, even when the account is about go dry. *sobs*

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