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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Feelings.


I feel sick to my stomach knowing that I did this little of preparation for my midterms.. that I'll be writing in less than an hour.

I feel sicker realising the one class I missed, made me miss MOST of my notes. I wish I was never a procrastinator, which would never be true because I'm just never gonna not be one.

I can eat soooooooo much, but I can only absorb this much knowledge. I don't think I'm cramming, am I? I've been reviewing after each class. I just never did the WHOLE recap at one go.


I get distracted so easily, looked into the PADI lessons in Malaysia, it's about RM1200. Pretty good for pricing, especially with all the dives I'll be getting. K enough of being distracted. BACK TO BOOKS.

If I was given an option to go back in time and to relive my class sessions, I don't think I would of been any different. That's me. The lazy Donna. A R G H !

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