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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sasha Fierce. Beyonce <3

The amount of people there.. this was when we just got in. The whole place was still filling up.

I want to share... my first ever concert in Edmonton.

I went to Beyonce's concert. OMG~ *heart throb* *pants* *SO HOT!!!!*

LOVED IT. Every bit of it. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Kay so I realised that my pictures aren't so super clear.. So I'm not gonna post all of them. I can say that she's ONE AWESOME performer! Her voice is soooo clear, it's as if I'm playing her songs on my Ipod. Only she's live and dancing and performing and her dancers are HOT TOOOOO! LOL~

Samantha for buying my tickets and telling me about it.
Leanne and Maureen for going with the two of us and making it such a fun time.
OF COURSE Bernard for sponsoring my ticket =)
awww.. my friends are awesome.

and SO I activated Facebook. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that I'm back to that Facebook creep I was, it's because I kinda took away all the pictures I tagged of my friends and they miss their pictures. and some thought I deleted them. so yaah, I'm leaving it activated. la la la~ Beyonce. and her songs. ICHIBAN~

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