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Friday, January 4, 2008


I finally achieved my new years resolution!!!

went SNOWBOARDING with jack, mike, and 3 more girls.. saw henry, aileen, jenny and marion there as well.. snowboarding was FUN! super duper fun.. omg it feels so weird having something so heavy tied onto your leg.. but after a while i got used to it. one thing i sucked so badly at was getting up everytime i fell!! (i think its my gravity point, or im not using the right muscle.. or im just to heavy to stand up.. sobs!)

but apart from that everything was good. i'm soooooooo looking forward to another snowboarding trip.. hopefully with aileen and christine.. to the mountains!!! :D i wanna get my own snowboots and snowboard. that'd be sooooooo sweet.

anyways.. came home and i left my whole bag in jack's car.. probably i was too tired to even noticed. by the time i noticed i left my bag in his car.. he was goneeeeee.. no keys to enter the apartment!! luckily brian was at home.. so i hung out at his place while shivering and waited for Doris to come home from work.

then i got my bag later at night when they came downtown to eat ... kekekeke...

had a goood rest last night.. and stayed in bed all morning just because i felt like it. hahaha~

and so i went to Ruth Chris' Steak House for my interview.. man.. training starts this Sunday... i don't know if i should take it.. hmmmmm.. should i take the job? its gonna be in a fine dining environment and i'll learn lots especially bout drinks and food and all that good stuff...

but i wanna take up makeup lessons too... cos i wanna be a certified makeup artist.. then i could do freelance and help people during their wedding... their grads... ooo boy it would be so interesting! gotta do some hardass thinking tonight about whether to take makeup courses or to take up the job.. i could look for another job... like hotel macdonald thats next door as well!! aiyaiyai.......

what should i do?

school is starting soon.... i went to school today to get my winter u-pass (a little sticker on my student ID.. gives me free rides all over edmonton on buses and LRTs for the whole term) and got a new locker.. (3 lockers away from my old one).. and bought some compulsory books that i cannot bargain at all (lab manuals.. sobs sobs). hahaha~ looking forward to get some calls on my textbooks and to call people for some good priced books! i dont care if its highlighted.. it helped me in sociology! lols~

so what should i do about ruth chris? makeup class? *frustrated*

back to reading the world is flat... and the tempest!

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zv said...

Wahh Donna!! you're so hardworking!! take care of your health ya!! i'm glad that you are doing things in order to improve yourself.. gambate