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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Shoes.

I step outside.

I breathe. I shiver. I walk. I protect myself.

I close my eyes. I think about the warm sun. I curse the cold weather. I wait.

The bus is here. I go in. I am thankful. I go to class. I am happy.

Chemistry. I love chemistry. I hate N-methyl-4-nitroaniline. I have yellow stains on my hoodie.

All because of that.

Oh no. Classes are soon to finish. I will be waiting to enter U of A. I hope and I wait. I want to be accepted. I am scared.

English - research paper due.
Nutrition - assignment due.
Chemistry - lab report due.
Statistics - assignment due.

Midterms. oh boy. what a week.


siokngi said...

are you from Malaysia but in Vancouver? it just happens that i'm from miri but i am in the States and i have an aunt in vancouver. omg, that sounds weird. hehe.

Donna Bong said...

LOL. no im not in Vancouver. i'm in Edmonton... and that's in Alberta. Vancouver is a city with much more life and it's in British Columbia. :)

so what are you doing in the states? and how did you find me blog ? :D

siokngi said...

aah..i Edmonton. i thought it's Vancouver. oops! :) i was on jessica voon's blog and somehow i was blog hopping, i clicked on your sis' then yours then made that comment. haha.....

i am in the states for studies too. it's just there are almost ZERO malaysians at my place and i thought it will be really nice to know someone who's from the same town.