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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Twas' it was a good day for me to stay in school for the full 12 hours. I think i'm a little bit more relaxed... comparing myself to the frustrated, stressed-out, soon to blow up me.

Went to my easy-peezy Stats Lab... then it was English (did NOT complete my essay but I know where my direction and focus is at now.. )... then it was Nutrition.. hmm.. i'm starting to realise i'm in a diet class.. that's good i guess.. cos i actually study about food and what i should eat and what i shouldnt.. ooo boy~ interesting..

Then i went to library and did 'some' homework.. literally.. just SOME. basically i had to shut myself away from the world and my gadgets. ... YAY i'm gonna be getting my keyboard, mouse and speaker-headset.. ALL WIRELESS tomorrow!!!!!! WHOOPIE! i bought a shredder.. but it ended up SMOKING.. so i guess i'll have to return it..

now back to studying..did some psychology.. then i completed my nutrition homework~! YAY! had to write down what i ate, drink and did for the past few days.. and i got my diagnose.. ooo~ not very goood.. but then altogether im burning more kcal than what i'm taking in.. sooo.. hopefully it's a good sign (cos i just started changing my diet.. to more fresh vegetables and fruits)

THEN.. i got my WHOLE year of Chemistry notes.. for FREEE!!!! hahaha~ i love free stuff... hahahah

met Doris up and she was heading to the gym to work.. thought i might as well go and watch the game.. ended up winning sommemore stuff! lols.. won a griffin mascot! :D , got a towel for free... and 4 tickets to some kinda party.. think ill just sell it and get the money instead. muahahahhahaha.. then if i sell the 4 tickets for 60.. i can get 60 drinks at the bank. suanggg.. lols

took some pics of the game.. didnt manage to take pictures of the players shooting.. cos i was busy watching.. ENG DAO KIA! lols

Girls team - Grant MacEwan vs. Kings University... we won!!!!

Men's Team - white shirts : Grant MacEwan..
Blue jerseys : Kings Uni..
and this was me.. just chillin and watching.. sat there for 4 hours. lols~ didn't have to use my brain. i kinda enjoyed that. :)

i love off days, don't you?

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