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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

my journal.

January 1 2008
sick as i can be. was being nice to hongzai.. had a chat with him at 3am when i got back from work... dang he had his dinner it looked awesome i wonder what it was. 1985 babies are getting naggier and naggier.. him and Doris. = SIMILAR.

so mr. pui didnt wanna chat to me cos i was sick.. fine. woke up and went to work and learnt how to make cull lenses for frames that were returned for exchanges. waaaaay cool. i liked the tracer.. and i like how fast it was for the machine to get the lens to the shape needed.. did a pair of sunglasses.. tinted the lenses.. and did a pair of rimlone frame. got to groove it the traditional way but it was an easier method.

came home... went to Debbie and Dallen's house for more wii sports!!!!!!!! i need to boost my bowling points.

had dinner at aunt magie's house.. asam fish~ yum yum.

looking forward to my snowboarding trip attempt 2!

i need to finish up my english homework......

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