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Monday, January 28, 2008

I Thought.

I thought winter was over.

Winter. Yes. Winter was over.

I thought it was supposed to be over because the streets were cleared up again. There weren't much snow... though there was a fair distribution of it.

But I'm wrong. It started all over yesterday. Snow. Snow. Snow. More S N O W.


It's been snowing all day yesterday... and the hopeful me looked over our window.. and it's still snowing :(

It was -29 yesterday.. and it reached -37 last night.
Its now -31
and with the weather forecast I have on my laptop's dashboard, this is the extreme winter that i'll have to survive through this week.
Tonight : -45

Morning: -29
Night: -30

Morning: -24
Night: -29

Morning: -21
Night: -35

weee!! i love winter! (sarcastic) =_='

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Mingming said... just BEGUN!!