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Thursday, January 10, 2008

i miss you so...

the new term started.. my winter 2008 term. all is going on well.. bought all my books. have everything scheduled out... ready to rock the term and boost my GPa.. but... i miss having the friends i had. i miss everything during my fall term. this term seems so boring.. im soo lonely.. i have nobody.. i'm all on my own!

but its a blessing in disguise that during Brian's new year's eve eve party.. i've come to meet new friends i can call friends..

i miss the Donna that was back in Malaysia. I miss being the person to drive people around.. seeing Ronald (new buddy) driving the others around reminds me of the times i'd call sze and mann and make them go shopping with me.. i'd drive everywhere and i'd never have the problem of getting anywhere. unless i was out of gas.. but then i'd just drive the other car with gas... haha~ i love mommy.

and so i'm listening to Where'd You Go - Fort Minor.. and it reminded me bout the me that's gone.. i'm so far away from my bestest friends and my family.. i miss Donna that didn't have to work, that didn't have to worry about anything... suddenly feeling insecure about me being here. i'm finally sick and tired of work. no longer am i enjoying them.. what happened? i dunno....

anyways.. random pictures of my friends i miss alot..

us before our photoshoot. what a memorable day. chung driving shirley's car... rain and the sun out? me getting out from work.. lols.. going back to work.. rushing for a bang trim.. lols.
my two super duper hyper-curious-never ending question students. love them.. and their mommy :)
YAY! me and sze.. finally in the same shirts.. lols~
our pre-banana boat ride .. yippeee
banana boat!!!!!!!!
the island.. loved it.. would of been wonderful if my other group of friends made it.
my little buddy waiting at home.. waiting for me!!!!!!!
the gathering after my trip to Brunei.. skipped school and got 3 other guys to skip with me. muahahahha.. love it love it love it.
mee bedroom... awww.. i miss dong-oh~! our christmas dinner at my house..
new years night at the suite. what a great party.. lols.. everyone that was sober ended up wasted.. lols.
KK trip.. loved it.
yerrr.. posers!
my darling ting ting.. love this boy to death..
the night out before i left Miri..
my birthday! lols.
squats.. love this picture alot tooo..
us in shirley's car.. no.. song song's car...
Interact Night. lols.. loved the camp.. i drove home everyday to shower and eat. lols.
girls and me...
elementary kiddos.. 6 years later... lols..
friends that made my packing fun.. great to have them around...
i think this was the happiest time ever everyone had while looking into a camera for like.. 30 minutes. hahha
jia wei.. naughttty...
us at the university...
this weirdo seminar that kept our saturday away from play :(
bernard, gee, and me.. i love them. i love them! i love them~~~~~~~~~
the beach and us... :D
ladies from school..
tall buddies.. lols.. loved how they tolerated with my procrastination and my annoyingness in class.
seniors night.. yay! me and my curls.... and heels.. omg how they killed...
the most adorable puppy in the world.. omg i forgot his name.. my student's puppy..
my best friend and partner in crime and my brother : Daven :)
BBQ.. at the beach.. this was .... 3 years ago?
guys with nail polish.. with special thanks to Donna.
one of our many hangouts... lols
my house.. this was during chinese new year.

well i noticed that i had amazingly loads of fun... im sad daddy didnt send my pics that i took when we were in KL.. or else i'd have more pics to upload.. anyways.. thats me and my friends..
friends i care for and friends i miss.. ALOT.

i kinda miss being who i was.. i don't know why. i kinda lost myself.. sigh!


Flying_Ukui said...

Where'd you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone.

sze said...

hey, babe... i miss u so much.. those pics remind me of those days~~~
n remember... u still d donna tat we know.... dun b so depress...

Donna Bong said...

well sometimes i just think i've really turned into somebody i dont even know.. and thats really hard.. cos i dunno who i am and what im doing here at times. when school gets sucky when work gets shitty.. i just wana curl up at home and drive my car and go to the swimming pool.. where its quiet :D

-pEi- said...

hey gal,
where did get those pics...
especially the one we take at parkson cinema and when do we take it..
i really have no memory on that...
oh my, it really makes me think that i am fat now..hahaha