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Monday, May 5, 2008

2 days off from work.
feels like an eternal.
i'm back to feeling what i used to feel.
i want i want and i wants.
i want a nintendo ds. (pink or white please)
i want my printer to print perfectly. (i screwed that up)
i want to enjoy the summer. (been crazily procrastinating lately)

i like where we live. i like the location. i like the facilities but i hate my landlord (landlady) gosh she's not very nice.

i want to have that extra cash so i wont have to feel so bored.
i want to have that shopping mode again. kinda lost the excitement to shop.

i want new runners.
i want that reebok i saw at athletes world.

i want more friends.

i want my sister to stop putting her bf as her top priority and make him her world and do everything with him or do anything and mention him. if only if i could remember how she acted before she dated. she's different. i'm different. we come from the same family yet we're so different. why is that. why does that happen. i'm not jealous. i just don't like talking to someone that thinks about another person 24/7 and only gets happy and HAPPIER when she gets to talk about him. it's disgusting and irritating. i feel like im 13 again.

anyways... i'll get what i want. i want what i want. i want it because without it i feel like life's stupid.

the world does not revolve around me and i know that. crap. i want i want i want.

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