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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

what a day to reflect where life has come to and where it has brought me.
while watching 模範棒棒堂 i came across "sorry seems to be the hardest word". this song just brought back so many memories.. back when i was 14 years old. WOW.
i remembered someone got the DJ to play this song to me. oh wow~ i suddenly remember him :) i wonder how he is now, whether he's doing fine and whether he still misses me. MUAHAHAHHA. (dang you never call me)

anyways, i just started to reflect and i realised that my closest friends and me... we are.. still as close as we used to be, even though i havent been talking to them forever, even though we never get to chat as much, to write to each other as much, i realised im still important as they are still important to me.

i guess im still a girl who cries when she misses people, a girl who sobs in a corner when no one is looking... i really do miss everyone back in miri. and if i ever do go back, first thing i wanna do is kiss my puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the best 21st bday gift ever~ is from my baby girl to me. i hope my puppies are fine. i'm a grandma now :)x


Lsk said...

the way u spend ur money...
I think u can never come back to;p

Mingming said...


Donna Bong said...

what la... im pretty sure i can!