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Monday, May 5, 2008

some randoms i found in my phone. the invention of camera phones is remmmmmarkable :)

the EC robe that i folded....
me waiting for the EC door to open~ think it was becky that was playing with my phone
my hair.. see brown..blonde.. and bits of purple..
jedith, me and jane... our wem trip
justin and peter.. grad season.. fun times.
jennifer and i.. in the bus heading to wem
my sushi~~~~ i made it i made it:)
my henna lizard
dana and her kick-ass pink bicycle
doris back when her hair was long and her skin was super tanned
my super duper cool bacteria :) ecoli i think
the gym i take my exam in...
elmo elmo elmo elmo elmo~~
some kinda burnt thingy kevin cooked.
debbie and i prior heading to the bar
little daven and mummy..
me and my tongue...
little doggy in the mall..
my aweeeesome chemistry experiment.
roc star roc star.. yeahh~ #3 in Canada :)
some gross gum found on the bus ~ i'm a retard i know i know
a view of what i see while at the bus stop
jared and kevin hugging doris BACK then.
jared attempting to l-i-c-k doris
my hair color stripped twice
jennifer at red robins
my BAGS of groceries.. at least 20lbs...
darren and i @ their living room
look at debbie arching her brows.. @ mcD
britney me and aleece

wow~ fun times. all from my phone.. pics were taken since i got my phone.. almost a year old... i miss everyone that was once in my life :)


-pEi- said...

hey sweety,
i love ur new hair, i love ur new look...
it suits u really well...
keep us update with u okie?
let me know the latest trend of hsirstyle so that i can have updated trend too...

Flying_Ukui said...

hohohoho~ let me spot the BigMac on the table... XD dont come back a fei po oo... o__o