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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I had a great time. The surprise birthday party was the best thing that happened to me this month so far. Really grateful that I have my two lovely sisters here. :)

Best things about being 21 and celebrating it?
The 21 things are:

1. Having twin friends. its like a double illusion. oooo~!... twins.. and more twins.. there's a twin effect. IT's so cool. I met three sets of twins since school started. And I'm super close with the Tam's cos Doris owns them. LOL

2. Having loads of guy friends. Loads of male spirit in the air. Crazy and meaningless jokes that cracks everyone up. BOO! (Jeremy)

3. Having friends that are close at heart. Great to work with, great to talk to, great to hang out with, great that they think just like me.

4. Having awesome co-workers. Yes, it's sad that I had to work on my birthday, but it was awesome that I had it celebrated and I'm happy to know that I'm cared for at work. (From left to right: Nadia, Travis (GM), Remah, Debbie, Khaled, Courtney)

5. Taking crazy pictures. This picture. Has no meaning. But it's cool. HAHAHAHAH

6. Being a loner. :)

7. Being a kid again.

8. Being all cute.

9. Being all silly at work.

10. Being beautiful.

11. Being directionless.

12. Being hot.

13. Being a sweety.

14. Being silly around friends.
15. Being happy.

16. Being content.

17. Realising getting drunk is not the way to everything (had martini's.. and damn rashes are back)

18. Realising playgrounds are fun when only there's the right crowd.

19. Realising that some friends still chicken out and not go skydiving.

20. I will go skydiving.

21. I want to. I will do it.

My birthday was awesome. I enjoyed it despite the fact that I'm older. Oh well. Glad that my sister did something special for me this year. Thanks for all the birthday wishes I received in Facebook, MSN, my phone.. friendster.. just everywhere. and DAVIDCHOI got me the sweeeeeetest bday videoclip! it's in my facebook wall. omg! custom made for me. AHAHAHAHAHHA~ *faints*

again... 谢谢!!!

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garrylin said...

u know David choi personally?! How?! OMG~ *faint*