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Friday, May 16, 2008

What is an excellent customer service?
What is a mind-blowing experience?
I've had the worst customer service ever since I got here. Telling me that they don't have the color without even checking. Telling me that in order to find crocs it's going to be sooooooooooooooo hard it's better off to not go search for it. And leaving me to carry the shoes to the cash. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!

I'm a customer and I deserve the proper service everyone should get. Even if it's five minutes to closing there's no freaking reason to do that. To play catch with another employer in front of me and to ignore me? To not even take it to consideration that I could get them fired?!

Anyways, I guess it's my birthday night and I'm just being an old woman. I make sure all my customers get a mind-blowing experience and I make sure they're educated and they're told about the sales. I'll do anything to get that guy fired or to apologize or to even consider about going back to work. What is a store with employee's manager calls "monkeys"?

SportChek, City Center. Worst place to get shoes if a black young guy is the person in charge.

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