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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My April 2009.

April 2
Organic Chem Lab Review

April 3
Genetics Assignment Due
Physics Assignment Due

April 7
Organic Chem Lab Finals

April 8
Biochemistry Assignment Due

April 9
Genetics Lab Review
Physical Chem Lab Finals
Physics Assignment Due

April 14
Genetics Lab Finals

April 17
Physics Finals

April 18
Genetics Finals

April 20
Biochemistry Finals

April 21
Physical Chem Finals

April 22
Organic Chem Finals

April 30
Home. =D

ps: I'm going home broke. *SOBS*

pps: I hope I'm going to do well in all my papers.

ppps: I'm still gonna have to work.... but I'm gonna try to call in sick for my shifts. LOL

one more ps: I check my bank account TOO often. WAY TOO OFTEN. I'm always hoping that I'm being paid, or some kind of miracle would happen so the amount would increase drastically. SIGH. I'm a dreamer.

I need to do my taxes. I need a FAT return. BLAHH

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