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Friday, February 1, 2008

Birthday Wishes.

This blog is about my friend Casper. the friendly ghost. that's how we met :)
He's super duper friendly. My swimming buddy. My limteh buddy. My idol (he plays the piano!) and My best friend. simple as that.
Its his birthday!!!
Found this from 2006. hahahaha!
It's been.... (1...2...3...9 years since we met)
and we're still friends.. cool like that aint it?
yuppers that's him! he's fannnntastic!
Look how protective he is... girls... i know his number.. you can't get it from me though.. go :) you'll find him there.. I love his Juara :D
Part One.. perfect picture..
Part Two. Donna's invasion! hahaha
Casper playing the piano.. me running to watch!
Great picture taking night.. awesome~ love Yew Beng's phone.. i think i will post this a million times in my blog.
That's us.. see how far our friendship has come to =)
From this...
From this...
And from this.

HappY Birthday Casper!

made this just for you cos it's all about you. :)

I miss home and boy would it be fun for us this year to celebrate your birthday!
Have an awesome birthday and go to UK fast so I can at least be in a closer timezone with you! :D


Happy 21 Birthday.

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