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Thursday, September 18, 2008


So Leanne and I went Indoor Climbing with the rest of the students at Grant Macewan. Not that we really talked to them because we were busy figuring out how to get to the top and so was everyone else and we were just giggling and laughing our heads off cos I kept falling and smashing into the wall. It was a very very fun activity and we're definately coming again! I'll post more pictures the next time we go. LOL.

Miss Latee and Miss Later. LOL! We were 15 minutes for our classes so we had to learn everything from our awesome instructor, Marco.. in a speedy way. Our name tags so they could yell our names if we were on top and they wanted to get us down.

Me and Leanne. We tried taking pictures when we were climbing but I had to keep both hands on the rope and she was busy climbing and so was everyone else so we had to fake it. We actually took turns handling each other's lives. Pretty exciting there.

The climbers.. all GMCC students.

That's Marco explaining to us about our belay checks. OOO.. once we're certified we're good to climb anytime we want. :)

and This is a picture of Sasha and I at Lazia's. Awesome lunch date(on Wednesday). Miss that girl. She's working for the apple store in case anyone wants a Mac or Ipods. LOL

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