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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday My Jie Jie.

This was the room that was Ours. =) So cool, there was a whole display of wine inside... and we were ourselves, all dressed up.. but still noisy like usual. They had the door closed most of the time cos we were noisy. HAHA, made a surprise party for Doris and it turned out awesome. Kevin (Doris's bf) and me spent most of the time planning it out and credits to Kevin for picking out this awesome place.
This was how the room looked like inside.
Doris with both red and white wine.
The girls of the night. (There was Shay too, but she left early cos she had to study =( )
The guys of that night.. again~ There was also William that left early =(
Carmen and I in Black and White.. as you can notice.. we were all dressed up in Black and White. Our dresscode of the night :)
Doris and I
Shay and I
Doris, Shu Yee (Her childhood friend) and Stephen (Childhood friend's BF)
Carmen and Doris

Everybody at the table.
Doris and her balloon.
Everybody, But me, will, shay.
Doris and her complimentary desert because it was her birthday!
Christine and Doris.

One awesome birthday. Celebrated at a very classy restaurant. =)
Strongly recommend anyone that comes to Edmonton to try it out. Our bill was crazy though. It was ....Came up to $927.58. I converted it.. and HAHAHAHHA = about $3061.58

Enjoy the pictures!


Alison Ong said...

HI HI HI.. tats fun huh! good food and environment and with that price!! Hahhaa..... u 2 getting prettier ya!! cheers n enjoy ur life! BTW, who pay the bill? lols

Mingming said...

thanks Donna...
you're awesome!
I love u.