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Sunday, April 19, 2009

3 more finals to go..

Today's been exceptionally well for me. I've been studying... =) and I think I'm actuallly making big progress! I did the whole glycolysis cycle, PDH cycle, homolactic fermentation, alcohol fermentation and krebs cycle.

Anyways.. I have three more finals to go.. and I'm done this term! I have Biochemsitry, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.. How chemified can I get? LOL. I like the word Chemified. Ooo~

Yeah well the finals week didnt start out too great, I pulled an all nighter and watched movies while studying too (Physics paper) and yeah I woke up at 6am and thought it was still early so I went back to bed. THEN the next thing I knew it was 9am! Freaked out and panicked like there was no tomorrow.. I gotta say, the conversation that I had with Doris (<--click it click it!) was a little amusing. It was at the verge of desperation.. anyone would do that. LOL.

Lesson Learnt: to not pull an all-nighter.. and if you do, make sure you have all your alarm clocks turned on.
(my phone broke on the Tuesday that week... so I had no means of waking up with any source. yeah.. not so smart afterall hey?)

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sze said...

I reli reli gek dao by u la.. simply tapped on ppl car.. next time dun do tat again ler.. Good luck ya... my final aso come soon le.. hehe..