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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I thought I'd probably talk about this. L-O-V-E.
I see people laugh, people cry, people changing, people suffering. All because of love.

What is this four letter word that makes things so devastating? There is no in between in love. The story always ends as happily ever after, or you just end up crying, sobbing, like there's tomorrow because love just makes you suffer and it tortures and it just creates more problems.

Why is it frustrating to see people in love? When you're not ready to love, you try to love but the end result is no love. Why is that? It's because there IS NO LOVE.

I don't see the reason of going through so much shit and crap just so you can prove to yourself, him/her and everyone else the power of love that you have amongst each other.

Why is it when they say they love each other, they can still make each other sad? Isn't love supposed to be something happy? Isn't that why they draw love shapes as hearts and paint it red because it shows happiness? It shows the eagerness and the desperation of just pumping and it gives you life. Or does it just show the darkest route, the sad shape because with the way a heart shape is, it can crack right down the middle and make the world hell to an individual.

All I can say, is I'm glad the only thing that I love right now is my family and my money. It's the sense of knowing the things that I own that makes me happy. I guess that just makes me materialistic. Afterall, I am materialistic. I'm feeling more and more like a city girl. This is probably why Love just has no ending. LOVE. FML!


Joanne Ting said...

I second you !

Flying_Ukui said...

'Cause this is a material world, and donna's a material girl' by Madonna.

Anonymous said...

Love is the greatest emotional wonder in the world. Loving somebody with everyone ounce of your soul is the only way to truly love. Balance is key. Knowing what your love is worth and only sharing it with people that deserve it. But again, the heart is tricky, sometimes love is blind and unexplainable, why chose pain when you can have sanity? Simple, to be in love truly is the greatest feeling of all.