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Monday, April 6, 2009

Potter =)

I noticed that I have not been talking about anything interesting that’s happening in school.

So let’s talk about Potter, Harry Potter.

His name is Sean.. But our organic chemistry (my hot instructor) calls him Potter. Potter has big glasses, the ones like wayferers.. Like old man glasses, in black frames. And he’s always late to class. Like 2-5 minutes late. Nothing serious.

Our instructor teaches organic chem labs as well. And my ochem instructor is Jason. Jason is awesome. I’ll talk about him later. Back to Potter. We once had an experiment that dealt with glacial acetic acid as one of the solvents. Glacial acetic acid is just a way they call acetic acid, CH3COOH. So Potter being Potter asked Jon (our instructor) why acetic acid was called glacial acetic acid. Jon without thinking replied, “It’s because they collected acetic acid from the glaciers, due to the high pressure that compressed all the water we obtain the acetic acid.” Potter was sooooooooooooooo impressed, but he doubted our instructor. So Jon told him to ask the Chem Lab Assistant. As Potter turned his back and walked towards the Assistant’s office, Jon waved the assistant down and managed to get him to continue the fib. HAHAHAHA~ (our class was laughing at this point but that wasn’t it) Potter… being Potter said that he’d like to ask other Chemistry instructors so Jon told him to go to the office and ask.

There’s Ross (our other lab instructor) and Roy Jensen (super strict instructor, Chem Coordinator)… Jon managed to call Ross in time before Potter went up.. So Ross told Potter the same thing and Potter wanted to get the final confirmation so he turned his back walking down the hallway to Jensen’s office. And Ross managed to hint Jensen (by waving frantically and giving him the signs while Potter was heading to his office). All in all… the whole Chemistry Department (well half of them, all the ones that were in the office) teamed up just to trick Potter. (ROFL!!!!!)

I don’t know if you guys think it’s funny. We sure do.

So back to describing to you guys how Potter looks like. He doesn’t look like a nerd, but he just owns black glasses that made Jon call him Potter. He usually wears all black, skinny jeans, black converse shoes, a grey shirt over a black shirt and a leather jacket. He has an iphone too. I know that cos he’s always on his iphone during lectures. And Potter has this friend that has a piercing on his eyebrow.. Our instructor calls him Malfoy! (LMAO!!!)

Anyways, it’s the end of our term and I guess I could say Organic Chem is my most interesting, most happening class. Jonathan had 2 tickets to the symphony that he couldn’t go to.. So he was going to give it to anyone in the class. We voted.. And Potter got it =) He and this one other guy, Dan (he’s got the best sense of dressing.. Or so I thought in the beginning of the term) had a battle where they had to name an instrument from the orchestra and Potter won. To top that day, Potter came in with a long purple dress.. And an BROOMSTICK!!!! I did not bring my camera that day.. So I took a picture of him with my phone.. Everyone else took a picture of him as well.. It was super funny.

And yes.. That concludes my Organic Chem class for the term. I wish I did better in the class… My finals are coming up.. So I’m gonna study really hard to make up for it. Afterall, he is the best instructor with super awesome writing too =)

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