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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who am I?

I'm beginning to question myself:

Who am I?

I'm not smart like an Asian.

I'm not Math-smart.

I'm not Money-smart.

I'm not Asian-smart.

Am I Asian?

I spend too much, I work too much, I do too much that all comes to nothing.

Why aren't asians like that?

Am I asian? Or am I... beginning to not be asian? Or was I.. ever Asian?

I never was an Asian.

I look Asian, I have Asian parents, I have Asian relatives, and they are all Asian-smart.

DAMN. I'm just DUMB.

ps: needing to pack but my room looks like a tornado just hit the place. I can't find my things. I am gaaaadaaaaaaym DUMB.

1 comment:

Mingming said...

it's not the issue of race..its just you Donna.
That makes u unique in ur own way..but u should jz stop being so stubborn sometimes and be willing to listen and see others perspective.
it's so hard to talk to u sometimes. Ur like a man..u put up ur wall and get all defensive. So maybe blog about..."Am I female??"