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Saturday, April 25, 2009

La Li La La

HAHAHAH! I'm going home sooooooooooooooooo soon! In 6 days! I'll be in Asia Land in 6 days! So excited =)

Anyways I finished my exams.. Just gonna post some pictures of friends that I hung out with the past two days<3
Heather and Brittany at Original Joe's. They had awesome sweet potato fries!

Me and Brittany!
I thought this photo was really cool... and I took it using my CANON yo!

Us in the living room being silly..

Me and Martin decorating cupcakes. HAHAHA. If you look closely his fingers were sooo big, poor giant. LOL. his little stars had icing all over it too. sooo messy!

Carter, Martin and Dustin! The C M D. awwww
the pharmacist, the doctor.. and the doctor's roomie. I'm not too sure what he's studying.

The awesome miss hostess.. getting us LOTS of food (junk food)

Our little movie session... watched this weird movie.. I forgot what it was called.

Alyssa and I, my genetics buddeh.
us in our sweats.. the best hangout ever.. ever so cozeh.

and this is Doris.. hanging out with me and my friends.. she sleeps. and I took a picture of her with my flash on.. and she still sleeps. At least she doesn't snore like me! hahaha

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