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Thursday, April 16, 2009

My April 2009. so far..

Well I dropped my phone, broke it.. it actually works, like i can pick up calls still.. but my screen is completely white so i can't text or check missed calls. and i turned my alarms off before it broke. so its not even functional as an alarm clock. BAHHH!

good news is I found a brand new phone on ebay.. 80 dollars cheaper than what it would cost if i bought it at the store. Its an LG Rumour. pretty.. but not the best phones in the world comparing to Blackberry's. I'm not up to that technology level yet so who cares. ITS WHITE!!! =)

I realised I do better when professors say that the course is gonna be the hardest course in my entire degree. I'm doing the best in that course... comparing to all the courses i'm doing. aiyyaaahh.

been buying things online lately.. so my credit card just keeps going. doi doi doi~

i'll be going home soon! so that i'm excited for.

Finals officially start tomorrow. so gotta get off this freaking addictive routine of mine. I NEED TO STAY AWAY FROM THE WORLD. the virtual world!

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