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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Calgary Day 1

old spaghetti factory for lunch.. pictures can describe much better than my hundred million broken sentences. sooo.. yeahh.. we left edmonton early morning.. sleept allll the way to calgary.. and after we checked into our hotel (awesome place 2 bedrooms, one living room and a kitchen) we headed out for lunch and some exploration. more pictures are in Facebook but I thought I should just post some in my blog since I'm technically supposed to study right now.
Dinner time... heading to Eau Claire Market.. to Sumo Lounge for some kickass sushi!
I like that picture.. i wanna take it home with meeee
part of our meal.. we had like $170 dollars worth of sushi that night. it was a little NUTS.
Group picture taken by Tranny (Tracy's new beau) lols!
Some special fruits made just FOR us because they had no desert menus.... i wanted green tea ice cream!
Us in the washroom... lols

welcome to Cow town!

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Flying_Ukui said...

Calgary is aweesome!! (o__o )