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Monday, February 4, 2008

I Broke.

I'm broke. No joke. This is serious. This is mad. This is crazy.

Well ANYWAYS.. just came back from a wonderful dinner with my friends at THE KEG. had zesty salmon.. it was goooood.

Got my hair cut and coloured today.. brown and black.. ordered some sushi for late lunch.. had a study party at the pool in my apartment.. good way to start off my week.

This is gonna be a great and another FULFILLING week. Chinese New Year coming up soon.. I have dinner this Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Crazy Crazy!!!

and so I AM BROKE.. in the process paying all my bills. man this is NOT fun at all.

and i'm getting my whole week off perhaps i should call in to work cos i'm not making enough to cover up for all my spending.. this is badddd...

once i'm done with paying im gonna stop spending like a crazy woman.

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to everyone in MALAYSIA .. and Canada.. haha

to all my friends and family.. i love you! *hugs*

have a great one!

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