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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Calgary Day 3

Calgary Day 3 - Started off with super yummy eggs ( I tried making it... but it didnt look or taste the same :( ), sausages, and a cup of super milk!
Raeanna on the bridge.
We decided to stay for a few more hours... so instead of leaving Calgary at 12pm we left at 3pm... Met the rest up in Chinatown after going to Greyhound to lock up all our luggages.
Justin, Tracy and Brian
We took the LRT and headed to Telus World of Science!!!
HERE! love that circle thingy. we kept staring at it while we were walking towards it.
Bob the Builder! I saw this and it made me miss little Daven, Chee Chee and Wei Wei.
They're always on Disney Channel when I'm over at Aunt Vivian's house.
Huge teeth model.
This just looks cool. Took it for Daven to see.
Hehe~ the little *truck* (I suck at naming vehicles. Thus, no idea what this is called!)
Ronald staring at that *magical thing* Pretty soon all of them were chucking money and watching that magical thing eat up all their money. haha~
May, me and Raeanna.
May, Ronald and me with the Three Little Pigs.
umm... i just thought the wall was uber cool.
A section of Telus World of Science.
Kiddies taking turns being the dentist.
Brian and the awesome shot! (i took it!)
and me as the astrounaut. (Brian took this =_= " )
This was nuts... We went up the stairs... up the tower... thinking it would lead us to something cool. Turned out to be a classroom. Took a picture of the wall and ran off with Tracy.
Kids from 3-12years of age only. MAN! i was disappointed.
me me me!
Them playing the mind game. Whoever that was more calm would make the ball go to their opponent.
Kiddo's stuck inside while we were waiting for our cabs. (The admissions guy sold us Children tickets because we were students. AWESOME! we were still considered Children!)
Ronald being the neato freako organizer making sure everything was good.
HOME SWEET HOME! (like after 4 hours in the bus... 6 naps... or maybe more.. and half a gossip magazine)
Tracy looking at my wall - pictures pictures!

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