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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Calgary Day 2

Our walk to safeway for dinner ingredients... *yum*
Tracy and Brian~

Ronald picking out what to cook~ he had a shopping list! *impressed*
Ronald and May~ the other not so important assistant. muahaha.. i'm kidding. she practically did all the seasoning.. while i was running around from facebooking and helping.
Ronald and his awesome helpers. =)
Salad salad saladaaaa~
I helped to prepare salad.
All prepared by Ronald... and his two helpers!
Super healthy and delicous salad.. i loved the tomatoes!
One for me... one for you...
Dinner time!!
When alcohol takes over...
Me with the Guitar and my pink plushie Star! Sitting in Justin's emperor's seat. muahaha
Ronald busy washing up the dishes. Mr. Good Guy :)
Guitar Hero. never will be bored of it.

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