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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Update.

I noticed I haven't been blogging for a while...and so here are a few updates:

1. I got 1 week off from Lenscrafters. Loved it. Had 5 dinners the whole week. Chinese New Year ma...Monday : The KEG, Wednesday: Golden Phoenix, Friday: Mirama, Saturday: Aunt Maggie's Place, Sunday: Jubilation and Monday: Red Robins. guess that makes 6. haha~

2. Jubilations was great. Lenscrafters' Official Christmas Dinner. I know its already February but everyone was just busy. I went with Doris, had a great show and dinner (was pretty tasteless). Jennifer came all the way from Whitecourt to join us but she had to leave early because of the sucky road conditions.

3. Midterms done. 76% for Psychology, 69% for Nutrition, and 87% for Chemistry! yay! first A ever. well.. i suck in Nutrition. I'm 101% sure that I won't be going into Nutrition anymore. I hate it I hate it. But I'm gonna work harder for my coming midterm and final.

4. I am going to Calgary next week. It's Reading Week btw. Leaving Tuesday, back on Thursday night. Not a very lengthy trip, just nice so I can come back and work and study.

5. I went to the dentist. Had a checkup. Going to get a few of my teeth 'repaired' lols. No scientific way to explain it... and I'm going to remove my wisdom tooth. I don't like it.

6. It's Valentine's Day tomorrow. I got the day off. I'm going to Uni of Alberta, there's a boy auction program going on!! hahaha~ so excited for that. I will take pictures and update.

7. Doris and I have a new neighbour. I hate them. I hate them. I forgot all about them. Just as I was about to end my post... they started turning their LOUD music on again. OMG!!!!!! I wish they would know that I like techno and classics and not some kinda music from the wall. ARGH. I hate them. If you are my neighbour and if you are reading this PLEASE use your earphones. That would bring peace to everybody.

8. I went to Mikado for lunch today with Doris. I like Mikado.. Mikado so gooood~

9. Application all done for Dental Hygiene. Super nervous about my interview. I hope it happens a.s.a.p. I hope I get accepted. If I get accepted I'll be so happy. I'll be worrying about tuition fees though. But I'll be super duper happy.

10. My English Speaking Test is scheduled for March. No idea what I am going to be tested on, but I hope I pass it and its worth my $75 bucks!

11. English Essay and English Research paper due soon... Statistics assignment due on Friday... and I wanna catch up on Chemistry, Nutrition, English, Stats, and Psychology... basically everything that I'm taking right now. I'm happy my life is back to shape this week. Been focusing much, much more in class and at home... =) *thumbs up!*

Good Luck to me!!

and have a great VALENTINE'S DAY!

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